Daria Luzanova


Let me introduce myself and tell a little more about who I am.

My name is Daria Luzanova. I was born in Moscow Russia and all my education I got there. I started from drawing school where I got the basic artistic skills and a huge passion to all kinds of art. During the long educational way in the Russian Univercity of Services filled with artistic and historical courses Graphic Design became my main specialty.

  • Started to work in 2004 within fast paced creative agency 4TDesign that was oriented on print branding design. I was assisting the lead designer and helped to increase working speed of our creative team. Worked onsite for two years, then resigned but keep working with them time to time as a freelancer.
  • Then I decided to move forward and found a new interesting place – the biggest greeting card company in Russia Art&Design. I was working as a lead designer in a big team. During five years have created tons of corporate promotional greeting cards, calendars and illustrations for many clients that were working with us.
    And also started getting my own clients.
  • In 2010 I fully became a freelancer, then moved to USA and here I’ve started everything over.
    This is the most amazing experience ever!

    I love my job and make it very well!